Welcome to this Website and to our world. Together as co-founders , we indeed represent 100 plus years of working and serving children and young people of the “ African-American Community “ here in Illinois and throughout the United States.

 Garvey/Tubman Center’s  programming provides access to the Arts through in-depth art instruction and experiences. Multidisciplinary   instruction is offered to at-risk youth , children , and families , as are performances , and events that engage the larger community.  The “Center”  is home  for young artist to present their work in our gallery ,  exhibitions , including workshops , studios , and  computer lab in  a nurturing and uplifting  environment.

We are committed to achieving a new reality for our children and young people by creating a culture of sharing meaningful creations ,  and providing skilled mentors who respond to their Social , Emotional ,and Academic needs. A environment where participants can be both learners and leaders , building relationships while researching their heritage and pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

“  I ‘ Am Because We Are , Because We Are I ‘Am



John T Crisp Jr / Charles E. Scott 

For over 50 years , John T Crisp Jr  has been known on the East Side and throughout central Illinois as a freelance artist , art teacher and musician , and for his work with youth in the education field. In the mid sixties he along with a group of young community activist created a community monthly newspaper called “ The Spirit of the Black Community”

Charles E Scott has followed a career path were he engaged in the service of others as a Facilitator , Activist , Program Developer and Administrator , Collaborator , Mentor , and Advocate, in pursuit of  his passion reaching out and serving  young African-American youth.  He served as editor of the community newspaper “The Spirit of the Black Community” for two years, which launched his involvement in dealing with issues impacting his community.


Garvey/Tubman Center’s  programming provides access to the Arts through in-depth art instruction and experiences......



African-American children and young people require a viable support system that speaks to their Educational, Emotional, and Cultural needs......